It had no trouble with these maximum-length files; it didn’t do something dumb like running out of memory and corruptly truncating the end of the file. The video is better, but still a little blurry. AVICreate converted the same file in less than ten seconds. It can take pictures, it can record audio clips, and it can shoot video. And it bulks the eDVR’s mono audio track up into meaningless 16 bit stereo, too. And you can download a video converter that’s much better than the one that comes with the camera. Originally Posted by BrianL Why did you create another thread?

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You currently have javascript disabled. Sign up now to remove ads between posts. And, like lots of other baby-cams, the eDVR doesn’t remember when you’ve set its quality to Lo. In the 15fps, reduced audio quality Lo mode, it had ten minutes and 24 seconds of capacity.

More than 20 megabytes per minute, plus another couple of megs per minute for the not-too-efficiently-compressed audio. And, if you ask me, worth every pennyno matter what Paul says. As it turns out, though, it’s not so bad.

5 In 1 Edvr Webcam Driver

Never mind the interface – feel the price! If you’re looking for a camera to rubber-band onto your radio controlled plane, for instance, the eDVR could well be that camera. Apr 24, It’s obviously just copying the data straight through.

According to ancient tradition, the eDVR has two buttons, and a tiny two-character non-backlit black and white LCD screen. And this is not the problem, anyway. It also has 11 couple of LEDs, which shine out from the hole to the left of the viewfinder; they’re orange and green, they’re very bright, and they, fortunately, aren’t on all the time.


Gorilla Bobs ST Labs 5-In-1 eDVR

And its bundled software is not very good. It will wait only seven seconds before doing this. Capacity and speed The “Mb” eDVR has, as is normal for storage devices, less real capacity than it says on the label.

Doesn’t look to bad to me. May 03, And, of course, the clips are by resolution, because that’s what this camera captures in Hi mode, according to the manufacturers who would not of course lie about such a thing. Give Dan some money! A grand name for a very small device; it’s only 88mm long about 3. Applications There are some particular reasons to want a camera like this one rather than a “proper” digicam, even if you don’t care much about the price.

You’ve got your overexposureand your underexposureand your correct exposure with the occasional nasty jaggy.

And you can download a video converter that’s much better than the one that comes with the camera. At first, I thought it was a bit of a disaster.

Interface One big problem with cheap baby-cams is that there’s no space in the budget for a proper user interface. The only thing wrong with the files, besides their obscure codec, is that they don’t have interleaved audio, so Media Player Classic will sensibly warn you not to burn them to CD without fixing that because the edfr may flog like crazy while playing the file.


Audio clip performance is fine, and you can fit a whole bunch of sound into the built-in memory. This is ih straightforward – install the driver and the eDVR becomes a regular Windows Video device though its microphone doesn’t i to work; you’ll have to use your sound card line in and a separate micso you can use it with the video conferencing software of your choice.

Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. I’ve seen some plane footage shot with the eDVR, and it looks great. But if you’re looking for a tiny-cam for fun or profit gift for a kid, camera for your space tourism flight with very limited carry-on weight, tool for undercover car reviews It gives you no idea whatsoever of the image framing; you’ll do just as well to shoot exvr the hip as to try peering through the little window.

But anybody who’s not seriously wired is going to have a hard edfr pressing buttons on the eDVR often enough to stop it switching back to still mode and, often, turning itself off, and anybody who is seriously wired is going to go nuts whenever they have to wait for it to turn itself back on.