Quick Init – Creates the array without initializing or overwriting any data on the selected hard drives. Monday, August 18, 8: Any changes you made take effect after the computer restarts. Note – This feature is available only with disk drives that have an activity LED. Any entry in the ; per-manufacturer Models section also can specify one or more additional device ; ID s for model s compatible with the device designated by the initial HW ID ; and controlled by the same driver s. The selected disk drive s cannot be used until the erase is complete.

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Performing a secure erase takes up to six times longer than clearing or zeroing a disk drive. Select the disk drive you want, then press Enter. To return to the main ACU menu after the secure erase has started, press Esc. The data transfer rate between the controller and ejbedded.

Server and Dell SC Adapted Embedded SATA RAID

E-mail Permalink Comments 0. The secure erase stops and the ACU returns to its main window.


Both options take less time than the secure erase option, but might not offer enough security for highly sensitive information. The speed of the disk drive. Select the array that you want to make bootable, and then press Ctrl-B. When enabled, the alarm sounds. Windows Server 1. Do not select this option if any of the selected hard drives contain unrecoverable data. This just seems odd to me that there isn’t a 08 driver anywhere! Check the BIOS settings to verify the correct boot order.

This value is only used in Windows 9x. Instructions for completing tasks are displayed onscreen. During bootup, if your system has insufficient memory, the following message appears.

Using the Adaptec RAID Configuration Utility

Windows Server Application Compatibility and Certification https: This is normal behavior. When disabledwrite cache is not used on the disk adapec. Caution –When write cache is enabled, there is a slight possibility of data loss or corruption during a power failure. Friday, March 21, 9: No Luck with Server Post Rating 1 2 3 4 5. Comments There are currently no comments, be the first to post one!

I would be very interested in any other anecdotal information on the SC and Windows Server. Only physical drives that appear during POST are shown. The estimated remaining charge indicates how long the battery will continue to operate if the power fails. Do you still want to continue? You can use embedred disk utilities tool to perform low-level formatting, or to verify your disk drives.

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The most obvious symptom was that the Task Manager Networking page froze does not repaint and the title bar displayed Net Responding. Friday, October 10, 5: It contains the following sections:. When enabled, the controller constantly verifies a redundant array.

Driver download

I have not been able to get passed the SATA driver issue. Post Comment Only registered users may post comments. This section contains the following subsections:.