As the aerials do not unscrew to allow a bigger aerial do you have any ideas how this signal can be strengthened please? I also have a second, identical router. Hi there Trying to connect a printer wirelessly. Modem-router provided by Movistar. With the latter, I get no menu and no possibility to set up port forwarding or to change channel.

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Change the default password You should also change the default password to prevent anyone else teleefonica your modem. How to access Alejandra: Some devices use PIN-number instead of the password to connect. Hope somebody knows how!!

Now telefoncia the Sky satellite changeover has taken place and we have lost lots of the channels this service is just the ticket for my watching habits — I suggest you try it out. If you feel that this website or we have helped you in anyway, please consider making a donation as our time and experience is not free.

Movistar has few manuals in English on their website: This modem-router has no option to ampeer it to work as a repeater as for example an access point would have.

I have gone into the underlying advanced setup. This modem needs to be rebooted every time the configuration is changed and modem reboot telefoica be done through. Is there an easy way to turn it on and off when I want to? You can also see if your USB-device is connected and working. I have changed service provider and have Fibre Optic service now, so I have this router spare, so I may as well use it.


Home Station Amper ASL 26555

I said a while ago I would report on the use of Smart DNS — I subscribed earlier in the year and now have the DNS Server addresses in the router so any device connecting to the internet through it appears to be in the UK — the thing about it is that it just aamper. About us Our site is here to keep you up-to-date on all the latest broadband news and reviews of Spanish internet providers and packages.

I have followed this to the letter, but telefnoica luck. My current ISP is orange and I just want to swap the router completely.

Home Station Amper ASL Router – Movistar

I cannot get it working correctly with the router. Modem-router provided by Movistar.

Called them, the answer was that the speed is steel the same. Post a Comment Click here to cancel reply. Thank you Sam… By doing this will it automatically make the teleffonica router act as a repeater?


The problem is I receive packets but cannot send packets I hear people I call but they cannot hear me. Does anyone have a suggestion if I have missed some configuration or is the phone not compatible with the router. Tried nothing happened.

Movistar Homestation Amper ASL 26555

Ie one for public wifi and one lets say for the business two different passwords? I had changed the password previously and forgot it! PSK String is your password for the wireless network.

Whether you are a self confessed geek or just here to learn some broadband basics ADSL in Spain is here to help. Configuration data of Spanish broadband providers.

Fiber connections in February 4 Feb, It seemed to only ask for a password. Any advice would be much appreciated. I came across an issue recently with C4 in UK. Consider donating If you feel that this website or we have helped you in anyway, please consider making a donation as our time and experience is not free.