Lord of the Rings on Asus A8F screen view large image. The plastic used in construction is of a decent quality with a good finish, especially on the lid which fortunately does not collect fingerprints easily. There are certainly cheaper options for this specification, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. I discovered I had to press quiet firmly on the keys for them to register but this may be a symptom of the newness. The fan has 4 levels off, slow, medium, fast with only the last one being particularly intrusive. An external sound card would be recommended for those with higher demands however. Power users and gamers should avoid it, as should those looking for something to carry around constantly.

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This time, I lent a hand on the replacement and decided a comparable specification to the Dell at a lower price and size would be just the ticket. Included mouse accessory view large image. Asus A8F left side view on top of Acer notebook view large image. It appears that 3 steps are virtually identical then a large jump to the next step. This was the best deal I could find, and is one saus only a ass Asus resellers in the UK.

Press the left of the bar for a left click, and the right for right click.

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The system was purchased for including shipping from http: Knowing her penchant for treating technology badly however, the gloss black lid was unlikely to stay perky for long. The keyboard is acceptable, though not spectacular.

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The hinges are sturdy and the base of the system must be held with one hand in order to open the lid; there is very little wobble when the screen is open.

Visit our network of sites: The included Asus carry bag and optical mouse aus nice touches for first time users. Nevertheless, having seen the benefits of undervolting on my own system, I decided to do this on the Asus. It is about the size of a small mobile phone, and about twice as thick.

There is some flex in the screen frame but I find that this situation very rarely occurs in everyday usage. I actually got my MemoryStick stuck in the slot since the cards are literally consumed in the space.

I also uninstalled Symantec and installed AVG for virus scanning. It is one of the flush designs with only a slight gap around the perimeter to separate it from the wristrest. The main problem with the panel in this system is the backlight control: With an integrated solution, this machine is never going to run the latest games, but certainly suffices for the average user.

I would go as far to say that the lowest brightness is unusable in all but the darkest environments. Asus A8F right side view on top of Acer notebook view large image. Out of osund box boot time was around 55 seconds to the desktop, with another 5 seconds for all tray programs to be loaded. The long battery life and silence make it the perfect choice for students looking to work in a lecture or in the library.


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I discovered I had to press quiet firmly on the keys for them to register but this may be a symptom of the newness. This makes travelling with it q3f easy indeed. The situation is better horizontally. Separate buttons and a more defined touchpad would be an improvement. HDTune measures the hard drive performance of a system.

Asus A8F on top of Acer notebook view large image. Naturally, I pruned these down to soun much more respectable 30, with a commit charge of MB. The rpm hard drive is also a big improvement over the rpm I use: The line out is on the left side of the system, which I find to be a superior location than on the front. Basic specification is as follows:.

Viewing angles are standard for a glossy screen, with colours quickly fading in the vertical. Asus A8F next to Acer Aspire view large image. Here is some data regarding temperatures before and after undervolting using a 20 minute run of Orthos:.