UPnP has plenty of nice uses that people tend to not realize. Id rather the Chinese have my data. Wifi wireless router with a BL-R33N product is also claimed to have the farthest reach without the need to be modified. Symantec list of vulnerable routers. In the older versions you had to edit json files. Reposts, low-effort content, karma whoring, and shitposts may be removed at the discretion of the mods.

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Could be a router, access point and repeater in the same units.

Wiki even lists it as a set of protocols: This being said, you should definitely “disable UPnP on your router. All informations about new techno: With the Wi-Fi technology N series, the data transfer speed even higher and reach even more widely available. If anything, the protocol being leveraged is IGD UPnP itself is a vulnerability.

It seems to only be the older Blueljnk stuff. This is a bad service, bl-r33m it should feel bad, but it’s not really UPnP’s fault.

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Allowing a LAN client to forward any port at will by telling the router so is probably one of the worst ideas ever from a security standpoint. To do that, you’d probably need to disable UDP multicast.


A wide range of devices are affected, most of them being consumer-grade networking hardware. Reposts, low-effort content, karma whoring, and shitposts may be removed bl-rr33n the discretion of the mods. This is really really old news.

Have your little iot play things do connect backs. It is, but the amount of people getting their hands on the tools is on the rise as of late, thus the news.

Bluelink Access Point+ Ruter N-series R33N m

Want to chat on the IRC? Thus, these devices can take an empty channel in order to obtain maximum results. According to him, proving its performance against all WiFi N series other brands, was held in the arena “Bluelink Challenge Competition” in IndocomtechYogyaComtechand Komputexpo Surabaya. The best way to identify if a device is vulnerable or actively being leveraged for UPnProxying is to scan the endpoint and audit your NAT table entries.

While other brands range b-r33n to just yards,” still said Teddy. Below is a simple bash script used during this research. The increasing demand for Internet access, making optimistic Bluelink released his latest WiFi wireless router.


No need for open bl-e33n. Media streaming being the one that comes to mind most prominently. I was specifically talking about UPnP with regards to automatic port forwarding. The real problem is a program the user either knowingly installs or piggybacks off another installation opening shit up that shouldn’t be. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Guests View shoutbox ShoutMix chat widget.

Log in or sign up in seconds. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Get a new router? Below is a simple bash script used during this research! Vendor rules can be found here. I don’t know anything about UPnP, but I did not expect UPnP functionality to be present, let alone vulnerable, in these point-to-point Ubiquiti devices.