If a modem is out of spec, you’re on the watch list. Should I use a Cable Amplifier? I did this through Chat, but at one point the rep told me to plug in the new modem I suspect it did everything on its own from there. During my time as a installer and service tech I’ve ripped out thousands of feet of bad wiring installed improperly by techs who obviously were never educated on proper bending radius and how it affects the signal. But good call on trying a different browser. This Provisioning Server has lot of issue and the Support Center are very useless.

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The company where I work, Vianet SRL, has developed a provisioning and monitoring software that is already in its version 4.

We propose a personalized integration of this solution with other integrated modules that we support. Promptlink Integrated provisioning system. Guangdong Rainbow Electronics Co.

TPG Support

Designed to perform easy modification, blocking and activation of services as well as changes of service parameters, mosem the upload speed or max CPE allowed. ZCorum provides advanced diagnostics for cable systems. All I needed to find out is why I cannot enter the configuration manager of the moden Installations, upgrades and migrations. Excuse me my english, I’m from Argentine.


,odem ImageControl supports subscriber growth by scaling to millions of devices and improves customer satisfaction by ensuring version compatibility with minimal service disruption. Seamless Trunk Cable Rg with Messenger. Well, as usual, I was going to react on my impulses and fork over more money for a new modem.

NBN Modem Setup Guide – HFC

I attached URL of the presentation of our product http: I don’t get what’s up with these people that work in a call center claiming to know everything. There is a thing called inductance which can not only cause issues with signal but be potentially deadly.

For a list of common modems and their default IPs, check our hardware database: And when I have to troubleshoot an issue, i learn and read as much as I can about the subject, including all the nitty gritty that i can understand. Just thought I would supplement what you said with additional info. Fire ExtinguisherAutomatic Fire System. Is there someone or some platform you would recommend? ImageControl also helps minimize errors by centralizing management and automating mofem functions though an intuitive graphical interface.

While you’ve probably moved on to other challenges, here’s what worked for me. Does the DPC have the Comcast routable address or has that been hidden to restrict consumer use?

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DIAMOND SupraMax PCI Pro 56K Modem (SM56PCI)

Hangzhou Zhongling Technology Co. Improve control and quality of your network by using advanced and unique solutions.

For all your used docsis 2. My router is a linksys EA This information can be very useful in troubleshooting common connection issues. When a cable modem starts to lock onto an upstream, it adjusts it’s levels until the head end is receiving at close to 0.

No clue if it was just me or it happens sometime but, I had similar issues one time daimond funny enough it ended up being the browser I was using.

Am I being blocked by comcast, or is something wrong with my modem? Provides cable ISPs full service network data, bandwidth management and analytic tools.

You can remove splitters on the line if you need to raise and clean up your signal level a bit. Additionally there is the issue of bending radius which is very important. Several more DOXcontrol software titles are under development and will be released soon.