Sign in Already have an account? Charlie 2 years ago. Been shooting since 8th grade, be 68 next wk. I really think you need to get the same shafts in each head. Matt Heister 2 years ago. I have bought and tried an M1 driver and can say in all honesty that for me … it is not as good as a Taylormade Burner 2. The player who wants maximum distance believe me, this thing is a bomb; I play one and some forgiveness Tour Burner:

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We are just here to learn and provide valuable info to consumers. With that disclaimer out of the way, let me just say from personal experience, the M1 and M2 give much more distance.

Taylormade R7 and r9 driver – happygolflover

What is the deal here? Robert Whitworth 2 years ago. Tee shot either left or right and short?

Looks like a setup issue. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. You need to use the same shaft right down to the CPM better yet use the exact same shaft for both heads the technology in carbon fiber and graphite literally improve every few months. Shawn Goodman 2 years ago. The M1 arguably achieved iconic status as one of the best-performing drivers TaylorMade has ever produced.


The only instances that really come to mind that would really make a difference are a short par 5 where an extra 10 yds could allow you to get to the green in 2, or a short par 4 where an extra 10 yds could get you to the green in 1. The R9 driver is the first TaylorMade driver to use Flight Control Technology which allows golfers to change the face angle, lie and loft of the club using a simple wrench.

Differennce 1 year ago. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Then suddenly after years they launch something that works.

Taylormade R7 460 and r9 driver

There is no magical golf product. If you have lots of trouble, go with the r9 it offers more forgiveness due to the bigger head and more Anx. How much less accurate is the M1?

Golfspy just released an article within the past week saying that the difference between a high end shaft and low end shaft could skew results up to 15 yards… not to mention shafts from a decade ago.

So the point is that I would be thinking about shafts and flexes before I’d start buying one driver after another.

Played a full 18 with the full set and a second 18 with only the irons.

R9 compared to VR or ? I can optimize the spin rate, launch angle, etc. I was thinking the very same thing as it seemed unfair that the M1 is set in neutral but the R7 is set to bring down ball flight. My issue is that the ball seems to go too high, and I lose roll out. Cardio football-player Created with Sketch. Finding a good teachermentor in golf is the toughest thing thats what i have learnt and then nothing is free and nothing is to be given free golf teaches you that too!

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Robert Bicknell 2 years ago.

Given the equation for smash factor ball speed divided by head speedthe only way that happens is if ball speed decreases. What about the R9 vs R9 ? This may account for some of the accuracy issue. e9

TaylorMade M1 (vs) Taylormade R7 SuperQuad

Dymo STR8-fit and Machspeed were shorter and less accurate I’ve forgotten my password. Already have an account? I know I bought a new—model year —driver this year and the fitting and demo showed me 14 more yards over my driver. I’ve tried it and had issues with shots leaking right and the club feeling way too light.