Retrieved from ” https: This allows the host to concentrate on the application at hand. Support NWay auto negotiation. Bonding capable only tested under Plug the card into test computer, connect Ethernet cable from network card to network switch, confirm blink activity at the switch, test each port if more than one.

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I expected to learn what it is with a quick one minute search of WWW, but I did not figure it out. All Auction Buy It Now.

Interface Card Type see all. The three-pin WOL header is not populated either, and this one has the same pin-reduced plug.

D-Link Network Adapter Request Board DL10038D Ethernet

November 25, at The product code is and is an older example with Pulse branded magnetics equivalent part and a chip date of Week 10, and PCB date of Week 9, While some dl10038x the lowest cost products today e. Realtek RTL too 8. There is a bug in bios that stops the driver loading.

Two LEDs are used, 3mm, and the backplate is stamped with the branding for an additional touch of class.

PCI Ethernet Network LAN NIC Card 10/mbps D-Link Dld | eBay

Use at your own risk, but — honestly — I expect it to just work … Andreas As Andreas points out this is totally unsupported by VMware! This is powered by a different chipset — namely a Davicom DM AF which appears to have fairly similar characteristics to the Realtek competitors. Reception seemed to be good, although it appears to have been a pricey optionas most 3com products were. Support NWay auto negotiation.


Payment through Paypal only and will only ship to verified paypal address. Driver and Manual on CD-Rom.

Realtek NIC on vSphere 6

Ruler, holder or any other object not described. No other accessories included. Use the manual configuration instructions.

What you see is what you get. Item will not be supplied until all funds are cleared. This item has been Speciality or Collectible. As you can see I had to add the —no-sig-check to install the vib. If you need the VIB file for injecting into an installation ISO or offline installation then you can download it from.

This is the only low-profile card in my collection, and is a later one with a much smaller PCB but not skimping on the features. Thanks Andreas, it worked well for me!! I have a few of them myself and always made sure to have a few in the workshop when I worked in hardware support. Create your own Ethernet network. Many of the other LEDs provided by other cards were not normally lit during operation anyway, or were so rarely lit to be unlikely to be useful.


The socket which allows for a DIP chip to be inserted is rarely used by consumers, as it was intended for an Option ROM containing net-booting software e. A second variant is marked with a model code of 3CB-TXNM and utilizes the yellow silkscreening to provide the data about the card, instead of a label. While they were generally not unreliablethey often showed sub-optimal performance due to their simple hardware design which relied heavily on drivers and host CPU to perform tasks.

Actual product appearance may differ from the image displayed on this page.

10// Gigabit Desktop PCI Adapter (DGET) | D-Link

No metal shielding is provided on the jack, making this card incompatible with shielded twisted pair, which is rarely used anyway. Tried Use the manual configuration instructions but doesn’t seem to help. November 25, at 9: The adapters are of to vintage, and at that time, 3Com was a reputable brand in networking equipment, backed by Lucent Technologies.