The time taken to render frames basically shows how fast the processor is working on the given task. A project was created that was a combination of many video footage files, resizing and rasterizing effects, text animations and multiple layer effects. The socket does have a lot of room and is free from capacitor crowding. It should be a MHz bus speed…. That is one more cable than typically included with new motherboards. Larger northbridge heatsinks are becoming more common on motherboards today to satisfy the needs of overclockers. Take a first look at the motherboard.

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In other words the BIOS settings were standard as far as anyone can set the time and date, ensure the ram is 2 or 4 way interleave and at CAS 2.

Gigabyte 7VAXP Ultra Motherboard

Think of the second BIOS chip as a backup to the first. It appears that Gigabyte was toying with the idea for some expansion. It seems it will always be standard for a motherboard to have five PCI slots but with the amount of vigabyte ammenities…who really needs all five? Chew each bite 32 times and always floss between meals. The enthusiasts, the perfectionists, the picky people may want to give this board a look but may end up following their own paths elsewhere.

Void where 7vaaxp by law. This is also another first with color codes.


In the quest for features, options, overclockability, stability and price the question is has Gigabyte bat a home run? Time to head north and bump into the AGP slot and there is no concern with the ram lifters bumping into an installed video card.

Highs Very good novice documentation. It would be more logical to follow a progression of installing the OS and drivers then cover the add-on features. Lows Dip switches for the multiplier…need I say more? Though in years to come it will come in handy when the owner loses the manual. Those work by percentage and there are darn few settings though the CPU host frequency goes by 1 MHz increments. While in render mode the two test programs virtually bypass ram and GPU.

First a few answers to some possible questions. Sisoft Sandra Memory Benchmark. Just for orientation the top of the picture is the backplane edge of the motherboard. Why are these reviews so in-depth?

Gigabyte Technology GA-7VAXP Ultra, Socket A, AMD Motherboard

The plus side to SATA are the cables. And yes this board supports the FSB processors quite nicely.

It seems that we consumers could live without at least one which would give motherboard engineers a bit of working room…and gigaybte you really miss ONE PCI slot? Softimage performs its best on a dual processor system ulhra by far the recommendation for heavy 3D rendering is a dual processor AMD system.


I doubt that a very large majority have even seen the BIOS screens let alone know what they do. It is true when benchmarking that when motherboard is pitted against motherboard that the only component that should change is the motherboard.

Gigabyte 7VAXP Ultra Motherboard « Icrontic

It is option rich and add-on plenty and this review is getting long enough as is. I home PC users maybe using one for a digital camera or camcorder. Gigabyte has doubled, if not tripled, the competition in the amount of included printed material to get the new owner giabyte. As a first purchase this product will stun the beginner DIY.

Also the floppy header has been placed beside it above the four IDE headers. They also have my respect for the envelopes they push.

It is a ulrta overview of the basics to build your own computer from the ground up. Users can manipulate objects in a choice of views from wire frame mode to simulated real-time shading mode. Individual performance will vary with any particular or specific timings or tweaks enabled by you.