Each subsequent version is then applied above the previous version. Of course, this is not enough. Returns default an associated array, with column names as indexes. First argument is just a expression. Same applies to switches back to environments without FTS3: MediaWiki uses SQLite’s functionality through simple function calls, which reduces latency in database access as function calls are more efficient than inter-process communication.

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Working great with WordPress 4. If you change the SQLite database file name default is.

SQLite Integration

Translation Documentation is written in English. Notes about Support WordPress. Bugs should be reported to Wikimedia’s bug tracker. Also, in order to use full instsll search, SQLite must be compiled with FTS3 module enabled most builds have it out of the box these days. Database file is not created The reason of po in creating directory or files is often that PHP is not allowed to craete them. The plugin provides a few additional features over the standard SQLite syntax.


It is required that you should prepare wp-config. CC Attribution-Share Alike 4.

Version upped Count the number of records in result This function is really inperformant in PDO and should be avoided! NikitaObukhov 2 Otherwise, you should use a maintenance script: Fixed the documents on the admin dashboard. Export your data from current database. The update files it self have to be named updateXXXX. Translate into your language.

Schema tables API property associations Field prefixes Primary key storage in other fields Wikimedia extension tables.

Changed the way of putting out the error messages when language catalogs are not loaded. Good to know how to search the package list via console. Email Required, but never shown. I give information about them and provide the salite files slqite Plugins. There are some among the incompatible plugins, which work fine by rewriting some codes.

This event is triggered when any new migration see above is applied. Changed the regular expression to remove all the index hints from the query string. When you release new versions of your plugin you might need to update the schema. Activation and deactivation affect only admin menu. The default action is to apply that file and increase the dbversion field in the opts table. After wrestling with “General error: Changelog See also ChangeLog file contained in the archive.


Go instal the Admin screen.

apache http server – How to install the SQLite PDO extension on Ubuntu – Super User

This page has been out of date for some time – Installation specifically. This is probably most useful in the update mechanism. Checks whether a page of given pageid exists.

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