Defines the direction in which data is allowed to flow. Note that for 2. This default mode is suitable for most applications. This is the hardware: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. This driver is only supported as a loadable module at this time.

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Linux* Base Drivers for Intel® Ethernet Network Connection

Server Fault works best with JavaScript enabled. RxDescriptors This value specifies the number of receive buffer descriptors allocated by the driver.

To eliminate the potential for the hang, ensure that InterruptThrottleRate is set no greater than 75, and is not set to 0. After installing the driver, if your Intel Ethernet Network Connection is not working, verify that you have installed the correct corpporation. Command Line Parameters If corporatioh driver is built as a module, the following optional parameters are used by entering them on the command line with the modprobe command using this syntax:.

In simplified mode the interrupt rate is based on the ratio of tx and rx traffic. Move the base driver tar file to the directory of your choice.

Downloads for Intel® 82576 Gigabit Ethernet Controller

This value specifies the number of receive buffer descriptors allocated by the driver. Several adapters with the chipset display “TX unit hang” messages during normal operation with the e driver. For this driver version, in order to enable WoL, the ee driver must be loaded prior to shutting down or suspending the system.


Do not use MSI-X with the 2.

This can be an issue on Linux distributions that timeout when checking for link prior to acquiring a DHCP address; however there is usually a way to work around this e. If during this process you are asked for the driver or module name, the name for the Linux Base Driver for the Gigabit family of adapters is ee. This driver is only supported as a loadable module at this time. After you’ve taken care of that, you can more adequately find the information you need to identify performance issues.

Linux Kernel Driver DataBase: CONFIG_IGB: Intel(R) / PCI-Express Gigabit Ethernet support

NAPI is enabled or disabled based on the configuration of the kernel. The Linux Kernel 4. If you currently have the e driver installed and need to install ee, perform the following: All hardware requirements listed apply to use with Linux.

In kernel versions 2. For questions related to hardware requirements, refer to inel documentation supplied with your Intel Gigabit adapter. The default behavior of the driver previously assumed a static InterruptThrottleRate value ofproviding a good fallback value for all traffic types, but lacking in small oinux performance and latency.

Linux* Base Driver for Intel® Gigabit Ethernet Network Connections

It works by aggregating multiple incoming packets from a single stream into a larger buffer before they are passed higher up the networking stack, thus reducing the number of packets that have to be processed. Multiqueue In this mode, a separate MSI-X vector is allocated for each queue and one for “other” interrupts such as link status change and errors.


MTU designates the frame size. In order to disable receive flow control using ethtool, you must turn off auto-negotiation on the same command line. Receive interrupt reduction can improve Lijux efficiency if properly tuned for specific network traffic. Due to the default ARP behavior on Linux, it is not possible to have one system on two IP networks in the same Ethernet broadcast domain non-partitioned switch behave as expected.

The driver can limit the amount of interrupts per second that the adapter will generate for incoming packets. Then select the name of the specified base driver: The parameter may be specified as either a decimal or hexadecimal value as determined by the bitmap below. This issue won’t be seen on 32bit version of EL5, as in that case, the kernel sees that RAM is located around the MB window and avoids using the mmconfig space.

This parameter is different than other parameters, in limux it is a single not 1,1,1 etc. If the link partner is forced to a specific speed and duplex, then this parameter should not be used.

The user can enable it at compile time to add support for LRO from the driver.