In yet another implementation, the auxiliary input accelerator device may be a remote garage door opener. In one implementation, the auxiliary input accelerator device may be a programmable radio frequency identification RFID keyfob. In Europe and Asia, contactless, wireless smartcards based on similar technologies as the RFID keyfob are increasingly being used for a variety of commerce transactions. Other hardware connections such as flexures or snap fit elements may be used to further secure the universal controller to the gaming device in addition to the plug-in data connection. SO You must have 2 profiles now, the vertical and the horizontal, so that you won’t need to configure again and again when changing games. At , a discovery request is sent out to discover all Bluetooth devices e.

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Radio control system and radio control method.

The circuitry in such a keyfob may be housed inside an input accelerator with buttons, 10222 arrays and a wireless communication protocol to be used as an auxiliary input accelerator device to the host device. Remote generation and distribution of command programs for programmable devices.

The universal controller can be implemented as one of various form factors as described in the co-pending U. Similarly, leadersip universal controller is designed to interface with additional gaming devices through communication media In this implementation, the interface and input assembly is implemented with four input elements, but may be implemented with more or fewer input elements. The selection elements may be mapped to shortcuts to variety of functions, such as dialing and answering leadeeship call.

Alternatively, the gaming experience data of the remote controlled slot car can be transferred to the PC racing game to be listed in a leader board for competing against other users.


A data collection unit communicatively coupled to the communication channel is designed to collect data related to a gaming experience of the first gaming device and a gaming experience of the second gaming device. Hardware configuration for a navigation control unit for a wireless computer resource access device, such as a wireless web content access device.

Horizontally If a game requires that you hold your wiimote sideways, it’s easier to play, but more complicated to configure. The input assemblies may include a combination of these different types of input or selection elements, which may be mounted in the configurations shown in the figures or imbedded within the device to permit control through motion of the overall device.

It’s not forbidden to mention it. Combination computer mouse and game play control. Also, one or more input elements of the rear input assembly on the input accelerator devicecan be mapped to joypav, navigation, or cursor control functions. If the vibrtion process or determines that the game application should be executed on the gaming devicethen the game application is executed immediately on the gaming device The universal controller is designed to interface with the various toys, games lesdership video games to control their functions and operations.


To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: In such implementations, the gaming device is used only as an output device e. If timed out without receiving the pairing response, a request to pair is sent to another device that has been discovered as being within range of the universal controller at Gamepad drivers and joystick software are available to download for free on Soft In some implementations, the second surface is disposed with one or more non-discrete input elements e.

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The storage device can include a flash memory such as EEPROM, compact flash, or a similar storage unit for storing device firmware. A method, apparatus and system for interfacing with multiple gaming devices joyad disclosed.

In some implementations, the data is collected, received and stored at the second gaming device e. After you finish with this, name this profile “sideways”, “horizontal”, or whatever helps you and save it.

Download driver gamepad k one

The data collection jypad can be instructed by, e. A piconet can have a master and up to seven slaves. Methods and systems for per persona processing media content-associated metadata. Up Swing None of my games use this, so, I don’t know which the best way to configure it is.

A storage unit communicatively coupled to the data collection unit is designed to store the collected data. In Europe and Asia, contactless, wireless smartcards based on similar technologies as the RFID keyfob are increasingly being used for a variety of commerce transactions.

Universal controller for toys and games – Zeemote Technology Inc.

You can simply set them like this, or similar: In addition, a game experience in one platform tends not to be portable to another platform. In one implementation, the auxiliary input accelerator device may be an MP3 device such as an iPod. In one aspect, an accessory device as describe in FIGS.

You can select what button, or movement to emulate with which button, trigger, or stick on the gamepad.