Double-click on Dis1 folder. Center can be executed just after cameras, control and record statuses are turned into abnormal. Connecting external Sensor …………………………. You need to save the watermark check program only once at the beginning. Page 42 Once connected, you will be able to select Network Drive path.

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Sound record using a sound card is available displaj only one channel but if a sound record-only audio board is used, audio record is available to 8 channels.

If the displat card does not support Duplex Audio, you cannot use 2Way Audio. You need to reboot the system when the PPP setup is done. Refer to page Check if printer is fixed on Window. Everytime I use Safari, it shows the diginet borders but an “x” appears on th view window. Assign address when using a few RX-Receivers assign from 00 to I can only hear audio after rebooting the server.

Kodicom driver download

Zooming the searched image can be done only with one camera. Start your backup after the current work is completed: After installing the new card, the PC did the same thing.

Corrupted image Uncorrupted image. It only detects the motion koddicom the period of set time. If you purchased original product from authorized distributors you would not have the problems I see you all write about.

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Kodicom PCI card questions – DVR Cards and Software – PC Based Systems –

Controls – Manual Control………………………………………………………………………………… 8. Audio play is not supported for other searches – backward search, cut-by-cut search, etc.

If you click on the Backup button while one image is zoomed in, you will be able to select the floppy disk drive and other drives such as HDD, CD-RW, dizplay movable drive, and the network drive. Each control could be controlled manually if button is pressed.

Kodicom KSR516 User Manual

It the number is higher the quality is better, but takes more time to transmit. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. I have two KMC cards which has 8 capture chipsthat I’ve bought in the eBay for a bunch of peanuts Besides that, I’ve found exactly the same problems regarding the drivers installation and validation.

Korea Digital Communication Co. If any other message appears during disk formatting, refer to Direct CD manual. Select in order to setup the location for camera, control, and center.

You need to adjust the camera sensitivity more sensible in a dark place, and less sensible in a shiny place. Searching multiple cameras at one time makes impossible to control image so click stop button and then choose only one camera to adjust the image. Re-enter the password to confirm.


You should wait until you see a message that your system will reboot. In order to prevent that kind of problem this might be used.

When using the basic coded provided by Windows, backup time might be long. In general you need to load the bttv driver, which will handle the gpio and. Designated number is not the number for the images but it is an internal value for DigiNet program. Any changes to an dispay image, including just one pixel, will inform you that the image has been modified.

Kodicom DigiNet DigiNet Site(V4.100) User Guide

Kodicom Capture Cards It basically sits there saying loading display driver – the only way to stop it is to end the task koducom task manager, it will then say “coldn’t load capture security device driver. If you choose 2Way Audio while transmitting current image, it might temporally delay image transmission to initialize sound card but this is not a fault. Bobbili simham mp3 songs its simple, Wdjs driver, G45 mdha16dlxb driver. I’m in the process of switching from XP to W2K to validate the previous post.