You don’t export as mpeg2. This thread is locked. Been to the Avid forms. The more ‘ram render’ preview you can do, the less time it takes for you to be able to view it. Its price point puts it up against Liquid Edition 6 and Sony Vegas, which on paper offer more bang for the buck. Machine has plenty of power and is fine with our other decks in the same remote location including a digibetas, DSRs and BVWs. Adi Head November 10th, ,

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The 12″ won’t be any faster, you’ll lose money on the trade, and I don’t think you’ll be happy with the smaller screen. Cody Dulock October 5th, Secondly, the sound problem. It just lanshaer like the signal might be a bit weak.

Try searching google, and the avid-l mailing list or other avid resources i.

Earlier Mac operating systems are no longer being tested or qualified. In reply to Mavrina’s post lanshaer November 30, So, I need to keep it running for just that and it is not the best situation. Thankyou in advance, Nick www. We, and quite a lot of post and broadcast facilities often run quite long stretches of for remoting decks from control rooms to tape bays, etc.

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NDAS Ximeta/IOCellNetworks Driver on Windows 10 problem…

Matt Brabender October 5th, Alan Buckler July 31st, Things you can try: This will be my first laptop and I’m not sure that the research I’ve done for desktop will be relevant. If I add an effect to the timeline, it’s as if lanshsre was no mojo at all.

So, max out the ram as much as possible. It seems like an extra step to do it the way you are explaining. There are a few quick free tutorials that will help you get around.

In addition, there will be Show and Tells, Stump the Gurus, and a raffle with prizes totaling into the thousands of dollars. If you buy a laptop you’re essentially settling for 3 or 4 year old technology.

Firstly to do with the Capture problem, there is no error message as such, it just states that there is no deck available, and no signal present. Thanks Sean McHenry November 10th, I was very unhappy with my 15″ powerbooks performance with editing Check systems specs for soundcard recomendations. Avid just released version 5. I’m going to get a laptop for video editing on Avid Xpress DV for windows.

I am going to try this, thanks.

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Avid / Pinnacle discussions from [Archive] – Page 3 – DV Info Net

Matrox is a paper tiger imho. And since Avid is the name-brand and the product, I thought I’d ask folks who use it if they thought the company was on the way out or on the way up.

I was really wanting to get a sense from people who use Avid tools about whether they thought Avid was loosing its “industry standard” position. Anyone know the proper process to capture 24p footage from an XL2? Now I hope that there won’t be build update going in conflict with the current situation of course I’m not in the position to say that the system is really stable and I’m taking some precautions with my data thanks for exchanging experiences Renato.

We are able to use several deck types and get the same results. PierreCharbonneau Replied on December 19, Should be in your pull down list in ‘deck configuration’, is it not there?