Computers SuperDrive Firmware Update 2. Thank you so much for this aggregation. Yesterday we reported the release of SuperDrive Firmware Update 2. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Some find the issue is intermittent, while others find it constant. One of those inexpensive CD reader head cleaners could be helpful. Months ago the Superdrive in my 24″ white Intel iMac late died.

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After discussing the problem with my daughter, who attends a college where the art school supplies Macbooks for their students, her comment to me was eye-opening.

Matshita dvd-r uj-857e firmware download

So it appears that Apple? I feel like I have never seen the BUG problems snow leopard is pushing out, it’s like apple is either putting out scrub fires or not saying anything, this has to be a PR nightmare for them I can’t believe Apple’s quality has gone down so much matsuita thousands of users have faulty superdrives, and Apple won’t even address the problem.

Or it might be a single problem with a variety of triggers, leading to variable symptoms and start dates. When I tried to remove the file from the Utilities folder, I was told that I did not have the authority to remove the file.

I sent a MacBook in for similar symptoms, and Apple replaced the logic board, a cable, and a heatpipe, but not the drive itself. And one happy user over on Apple? Successes, failures, repeating dialog Apply the SuperDrive update carefully. But its frustrating, and I am glad that I have found this forum and other info on this, as we thought the problem was only our iMac. Even if this disk problem has not been identified and cured, to know what hurdles I am facing, and that I am not alone is worth a lot.


SuperDrive Firmware Update (#2): Successes, failures, repeating dialog – CNET

Matshtia had little luck with cleaning discs as a solution though. As you might imagine, there are a variety of suggestions. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. The closest authorized repair shop is two hours away. This article is an excellent summation of an ongoing and growing problem.

Disk utility successfully burned the disk, it showed up in finder was able to use it, then i ejected it. I have a 17″ Powerbook running Restart the computer, quit all running applications, make sure the computer is powered from the mains, and install the updater.

Another thread on SuperDrive problems that Apple has marked “Answered”, but it hasn’t been answered at all:.

MATSHITA UJE Firmware ZF1E Download

So I have to do another warranty repair. They start by randomly ejecting disks when I insert them, and eventually, they stop mounting disks at all. Doctor X Registered Mar 19, Those arguing against faulty hardware as the underlying cause point to the fact that a wide variety of Macs and t are affected.


Everyone here knows that it is a problem.

The first drive was replaced, but the problem persisted. I live in a rural area, far away from Apple repair service. A smaller group of users on the forums believe the installation of Snow Leopard is to blame, though many others are quick to point out that these problems have existed long before Snow Leopard. I specifically asked the Genius if this was a common problem and was told “absolutely not”.

Repetitive spin up attempts occur with associated quiet clicking noises.

Matsushita UJ-857 RPC-1 (Region-Free) Update Available

This was 857 first Mac and I am very disappointed in the quality, For the price of one out of warenty repair I have almost bought a new pc. This has been a problem not only with Superdrives.

yj Typical of the idea of TidBits, your article is “the missing link” in owning a Mac. Doctor X Registered Mar 16, It is a widespread problem, and nothing to do with Snow Leopard since I haven’t gone there yet.

The end result is I now have a completely non-functioning Superdrive.